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A couple in Weighted Eye Masks

8 Benefits of Weighted Eye Masks

The sleep industry has seen a major boom in the past few years as people are becoming increasingly aware of how important sleep is to their general well-being. The industry includes various products and services, including mattresses and memory foam pillows, to help people sleep well at night. If you struggle with sleep, consider investing in products to help maximize the rest you get from sleep.

Demand for sleep products is rising because there has been a massive increase in research and development surrounding technology and, thus, products. These products include things from blue filters for iPads to weighted eye bags. With the expansion of the sleep industry, there are both challenges and opportunities that mass producers have had to deal with. However, some products like weighted eye masks have entirely created a dynamic.

The article below discusses the benefits of weighted eye masks and why they continue to grow in today’s sleep-deprived world.

What are Weighted Eye Masks?

Weighted eye masks are exactly what they sound like. They are eye masks with a weighted filling that applies pressure to the skin surrounding your eyes. The weights included in these masks are plastic beads or pellets that gently press on the skin surrounding your eyes, including your nose, forehead, and cheek area. This pressure is notable in releasing the tension from these areas through gentle massaging.

These masks have grown even more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic since many people are now resorting to improved methods of getting sleep. The popularity of the weighted eye has been because many people were dealing with the effects of burnout during the pandemic, which led to sleep schedules that were all over the place. Manufacturers design these masks to block out light so that users can sleep comfily during the day. They’re also available in many different materials and may provide therapeutic benefits.

For many people, weighted eye masks are necessary products for better sleep; thus, their overall market demand only seems to grow well in 2023. Properly weighted eye masks can also prevent harmful blue light from entering your eye, which could vastly improve your sleep experience.

Benefits of Using Weighted Eye Masks

Knowing more about weighted eye masks, we may now look at the benefits of weighted eye masks.

1. They Create Complete Darkness

If you want optimum sleep, then you may find that you only prefer to have pitch darkness. Some human beings have extra sensitive photoreceptors in their eyes, which can make getting the proper amount of sleep extremely difficult for them. With weighted eye masks, you can get the pitch darkness you require. Experts agree that a dark sleeping environment is one of the quickest ways to get good quality sleep.

Good quality sleep can ensure that you function optimally when you’re up. Some people work night shifts and can’t get enough sleep during the day. For these folks, the weighted masks are a game-changer. Many people will make a completely blackout room to make sleep more possible for themselves.

When you block off light, the pineal gland can produce high-quality melatonin, which gives you the optimal sleep you need.

2. Better Sleep

Better sleep allows people to show up more fully in life, and many want to do just that. People work all hours of the day, and it only makes sense that when they return home, they want to maximize their rest as best as possible. One of the best parts of weighted eye masks is that they allow you to reach and stay in much deeper sleeping patterns. Sleep masks allow you to enter the REM sleep cycle, making sleep much more peaceful for you the more you remain in it. Reaching the REM Rhythm is even more possible due to weighted eye masks.

One of the best things about weighted eye masks is that they allow you to relax much more deeply. They can provide soothing pressure to your face so that you feel like there’s a gentle massage on your face. Doing so will help the body release more hormones that make you happy and decrease the amount of cortisol running through your veins. If your stress levels are high or you have too much cortisol, you may find that it leads you to stay up at night and increases your chances of insomnia.

Kids in Sleeping Masks

3. Provide a Calming Effect

To fall asleep more efficiently; you must be calm and relaxed. The Deep pressure stimulation that most weighted eye masks provide allows gentle pressure to remain on your nerves at all times. The squeezing effect that they provide allows your central nervous system to calm down and be more prone to sleep.  

This calming effect is sometimes referred to as deep pressure therapy and is similar to acupressure in releasing tension from the forehead and the eye area. Even if the calming effect f the weighted mask itself is not enough, you can use it along with other sleep products to improve the quality of sleep you allow yourself.

4. Fewer Effects of Migraines and Headaches

Headaches and migraines can ruin your day if you’re not careful with them. Investing in weighted eye masks is a good option if you’re looking for a way to deal with headaches without popping a tablet. It creates pitch-darkness, which may help with migraines. People who undergo migraines are much more sensitive to light, which is why these eye masks can be a saving grace. Many cooling eye masks may help you feel better by redirecting the blood pressure elsewhere.

5. Boost Your Mood

You have a greater chance of getting better sleep when wearing a weighted eye mask. The darkness, pressure, and relaxation culminate in a better sleeping environment with the mask on. Thus, since you can achieve a much deeper state of sleep, you can also be much more active when awake.

Many also state that they feel they have much more energy for the day after a good eight hours of sleep. Thus, it only makes sense for people to feel like they’re in a better mood after sleep.

Some studies show that getting less sleep than your body needs can result in various functions, such as:

  1. Stress
  2. Anger
  3. Depression
  4. Exhaustion

Thus, buying a weighted mask would be much better for you if you want to show up more fully in your life.

6. Useful In Travel

Nothing can change your sleep routine like a long flight or a train ride. Travel can upset you if you struggle to fall asleep as it is. People are constantly surrounding you on planes, trains, and other transport. It’s an environment that is much more difficult to control than your bedroom, so your sleep is much more likely to be disturbed. However, you would find yourself much closer to falling asleep with weighted eye masks.

Weighted eye masks can block out the light that enters your eyes on a flight so that you can sleep much more easily. We suggest that you travel with these eye masks so you don’t have to worry about where you’re falling asleep. Moreover, these eye masks prevent sunlight from entering your eyes on a morning flight.

If you want to get the most out of your vacation, you should be well-rested when you get off the plane. An eye mask allows you to make the most of your journey.

7.  Cost Efficient

Weighted eye masks may be expensive, depending on the company you purchase them from. However, they’re not going to be so expensive that you can’t afford them. In any case, many cheaper alternatives depend on your needs so that you can rest peacefully. Weighted Eye masks are also much cheaper and healthier than sleeping pills or any other substitutes you may have for sleeping better.

Sleeping medication is not something doctors prescribe so easily; even when they do, it has many side effects and is expensive. Thus, weightier sleep masks are a great option if you want to produce your melatonin instead of buying it.

8.  Prevent Dry Eyes

Weighted sleep masks ensure that extra particulate matter doesn’t enter your eyes. Most of these weighted masks are snug against your face, which is why they’re the best objects for the task. Heated masks can help treat any dry eye symptoms and protect the delicate tissue of your eye.

Buy Weighted Eye Masks For Better Sleep!

Getting better sleep is one of the major components of better health. You can get better sleep by investing in products such as blue light filters for computer screens or weighted eye masks that make it much easier to fall asleep. At My Blue Protector, there are many products for you to choose from so that you can prevent blue light emissions from all of your devices.

We have several options for kids and adults, including anti-blue light glasses for men, so you can also increase the quality of your sleep. Contact us today to get a blue light filter for iPads!

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