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A man experiencing a headache

8 Helpful Tips to Ease Severe Headaches

Headaches can hit you in many different ways. Some are slightly uncomfortable, while others can be debilitatingly painful. If you have ever experienced any variation of a severe headache, you know it can be throbbing, burning, pulsing, or disorienting.

While some headaches happen less frequently, many people experience longer-lasting chronic ones. A headache can range in causes, severity, and frequency. There are various causes of headaches—one common cause is eye strain due to blue light.

Eye strain from digital devices is a prevalent problem as most of us rely on these devices for office work, school work, and entertainment. If your headaches are frequent and you can’t stare at a screen for too long or complete your daily activities, you should talk to your doctor to figure out the cause.

With that said, you can also try different remedies or headache relief tips to ease your severe headaches. Regardless of the cause, these tips help ease headaches and can even prevent or treat them. If you’re looking for anti-blue light or blue light-blocking glassesMyBlueProtector has got you covered!

Get The Proper Amount of Rest

Often, headaches are a sign of overworking and exhausting yourself. Your body now needs rest. Most people prefer staying busy and don’t want to take a break because they’d rather feel productive.

However, you can make better use of your time if you’re in good shape and not experiencing any headaches due to exhaustion. Try to sit down and relax more often, lie down regularly, and ensure eight hours of sleep every day. If you fight sleep, it may make things worse.

A woman relaxing after a headache

Have Small But Frequent Meals

Not eating properly can cause low blood sugar levels. You might start feeling fuzzy, and that can result in a headache. If you eat something healthy, you can prevent the weird sensations that accompany such a headache.

Try to eat small but frequent meals with food that are rich in minerals like magnesium. You can eat chia or pumpkin seeds, spinach, black beans, or almonds. These are great foods for alleviating headaches, and this headache relief tip works well for most people.

Instead of having three large meals a day, you can have small meals, so your blood sugar level stays consistent, and you don’t experience headaches. If you feel like you’re crashing, have a quick snack to power through.

Take a Warm Shower

While most people apply an ice pack and prefer cold topical treatments for their headaches, sometimes the best headache relief tip is a hot, steamy shower. Such showers are especially great for those with cold or sinus problems because the warm, moist air will enter your nasal passages and clear up any blockages.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches. If your body is losing water and you’re not drinking enough water to stay hydrated, it will worsen your underlying conditions and lead to a headache. Hydrating your body is an effective headache relief tip.

Try to have juices if you don’t want to drink water. Instead of having one big glass of water with your meals, take frequent sips throughout the day. Your water intake shouldn’t be just eight cups of water. Make sure you’re drinking whenever you feel thirsty or low on energy.

Get Your Eyesight Checked

Eye or vision-related problems can cause a headache as well. If you want to alleviate your pain, make sure you get your eyesight checked. This headache relief tip works great for those who are constantly using a computer, laptop, or phone.

If you want to protect your eyes from blue light and strain, try using blue light filters or screen protectors. You can also go for anti-blue light glasses. These are available online for men, women, and children. There’s no harm in trying these blue light-blocking options; they might prevent your next headache.

Manage Your Stress

Managing stress can be hard, and if someone tells you to just “not be stressed,” you’d get annoyed at this useless advice. However, stress can lead to many adverse effects on your body, including headaches. Such headaches are known as tension headaches or stress headaches because they happen due to stress, posture, and muscle contraction.

In these cases, the best headache relief tip is to try yoga or meditation. You can go for a walk to clear your head, watch something you enjoy, bake a cake, adopt a calming hobby, and distract your mind.

 A woman meditating

Control Screentime and Take Breaks

As we mentioned, eyestrain is another cause of severe headaches. If you ask a doctor, they will ask you to control your screen time and avoid spending more than 20 minutes looking at your computer or mobile screen.

Prolonged periods of using a digital device can lead to “screen headaches.” An effective screen headache relief tip is to take a break after 20 minutes and look at something that’s 20 feet away for about 20 seconds. Try to stretch, look away, and let your eyes rest. You can also use anti blue light screen protectors for your computer or phone.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Headaches are a common symptom of too much sun exposure and heat exhaustion. While stepping into the sunlight is essential, use a cap, sunglasses, or umbrella to protect yourself if it’s an especially sunny afternoon. Sunlight can cause migraine, and you have to avoid it. Make sure to also stay hydrated in bright sunlight and heat.

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