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Ocushield for Kids

Blue Light & Kids

Our children spend a huge amount of time on digital devices.

Whether they are playing games, browsing the internet, studying, or watching their favourite movies, kids and teens today spend more time in front of screens than any generation before them. It's an inevitable fact of modern life - children depend on technology to live, work and play. And while we are big supporters of this technology, we also understand that it comes with some unwanted side effects. In particular, children's exposure to unhealthy levels of blue light emitted by digital devices affects sleep, eye health and overall mood. Simple measures like limiting screen time are a good first step to reducing these impacts, but given the increasingly important role technology plays in our lives, this can only take us so far.


Blue light is a common part of the visible spectrum. In simpler words, it is a component of the light we have all around us. It is in both sunlight and the light emitted by electronic devices, such as computer screens, mobile phones, smart watches, and everything in between.

Blue light can send a lot of mixed messages to our brains for example, blue light stimulates our eyes and inhibits the brain’s production of melatonin, the chemical that helps us sleep.

As a result, the biological clock is shaken, eyes are tired and it is much harder to fall asleep!

Protect growing eyes

While blue light can have a significant impact on the eyes of adults, children are even more susceptible to the effects of blue light from digital devices.

When we are born, the lens of our eyes used to focus on objects is clear. Over the years, the lens gradually yellows from exposure to UV and blue light.

Children also have a low amount of macular pigment, which acts as a natural filter of blue light in our eyes. This macular pigment becomes full only after the child is about 9 years old. In addition, children’s eyes have larger pupils than adults, so more light enters the eye and reaches the retina.

As a parent, you already know the impact being awake for one night can have on your child’s mood and ability to focus – which are essential contributions to their day-to-day development, whether it’s socializing in the playground or studying in the classroom.

About Ocushield

That’s why we’ve developed a range of medically approved products to effectively block the most dangerous spectrum of blue light from digital devices.

Developed by qualified optometrists, our screen protectors for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops effectively block light emissions and harmful blue light. And unlike “night mode” apps and settings, Ocushield does this without discolouring your screen.

With all that blue light absorbed before it reaches your child’s eyes, they’ll experience less discomfort when using digital devices and have a better night’s sleep at the end of a very busy day.

Ages 3 – 4

Approx. 29 hours of screentime a week

Ages 5 – 7

Approx. 30 hours of screentime a week

Ages 8 – 11

Approx. 37.5hours of screentime a week

Ages 12 – 15

Approx.47.5 hours of screentime a week


A Blue Light Filter for Children

Homework, playtime… it all now happens on screens. And younger eyes are in bigger danger while they’re still developing.

Use Ocushield® blue light screen protector for your iPhone & iPad.

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