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A student experiencing a migraine attack while studying

Can Weighted Eye Masks Offer Relief from Migraines?

According to research by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Experience, 190,000 people experience migraine attacks daily in England, and around 6 million people in total have it across the UK.

Migraines also affect around 10% of the population worldwide, and the percentage is constantly increasing. The numbers are alarming, so people are looking for different ways to get quick migraine relief.

Do you know that one of these migraine relief methods uses weighted eye masks? This blog discusses how weighted eye masks can provide migraine relief to people with constant headaches.

What Causes Migraine?

A migraine attack happens when a person feels extreme pain, usually on one side of their head. But sometimes, a migraine patient can also feel pain on both sides of their head. Migraine is often accompanied by nausea or vomiting as the patient can feel their head throbbing or pulsing. After a sudden migraine attack, patients usually feel drained, exhausted, or confused for 24 hours or more.

Migraine usually happens due to genetic disorders or environmental situations, but certain factors can trigger a migraine attack. Read more.

Hormonal Changes

One of the biggest reasons for migraine attacks in women is hormonal changes. Therefore, women using oral contraceptive methods are more susceptible to migraine attacks. Additionally, women who use other hormonal medications have often reported that these medicines worsened the intensity and frequency of their migraine attacks.

Doctors have also discovered that increasing or decreasing estrogen levels near or during a woman’s menstrual cycle can also trigger a migraine attack. In the same way, pregnant women have increasing symptoms of migraine due to hormone fluctuation.

Disrupted Sleep Cycle

Even though a disrupted sleep cycle has many negative effects on the mind and body, the situation is even worse for people with migraines. Getting too much or too little sleep can cause migraine headaches in several people.


According to research, stress is one of the most common triggers for migraine attacks. People who experience stress in their daily lives or are put under sudden stress in their workplace or educational institute are more likely to experience migraine pain.

A person sitting in a bed experiencing a severe migraine attack

Caffeinated Drinks

Besides uncontrollable factors like stress, you can also trigger migraine by consuming too much caffeine. People who drink a lot of coffee can experience migraine headaches. Additionally, alcohol consumption is also associated with migraine pain. Casual drinkers are more likely to experience headaches, nausea, and vomiting, all associated with migraine.

Extensive Sensory Stimulation

Doctors often advise people with migraine to avoid extensive sensory stimulation. This is because sudden sensory changes like bright lights or loud sounds can trigger migraines. Some people can also experience migraines after smelling strong perfumes or paint.

Changes in the Weather

Another common trigger for migraines is noticeable changes in the weather. Weather changes can change the level of serotonin in the brain, leading to a migraine attack. Additionally, weather conditions can even worsen an ongoing migraine attack.


Migraine patients often report that their migraine attacks are often triggered by their eating habits. In migraine patients, skipping meals several times can lead to migraine attacks. Your blood sugar level drops significantly, which might cause your body to release hormones that compensate for the blood sugar level fluctuation. This migraine type is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Additionally, eating highly salty or processed food can also cause migraines.

A person holding their head due to a migraine attack

What Are Weighted Eye Masks?

As the name suggests, weighted eye masks apply even pressure on your eyes while you sleep. The pressure is also applied near your eye region, allowing you to sleep peacefully. The entire purpose of weighted eye masks is to block out any light in the room that might prevent you from sleeping. Additionally, the deep pressure stimulation (DPS) in weighted eye masks can decrease the usual activity of the nervous system, making your mind calmer and luring your body into a comfortable and relaxed state.

A person trying to get migraine relief by applying pressure on their head

How Can Weighted Eye Masks Offer Migraine Relief?

Even though weighted eye masks can be used by people from all demographics and age groups, their use is especially advisable for people with migraine headaches. Here’s how this innovative invention can help with migraine relief.

Improves Your Sleep Quality

One of the biggest benefits of using weighted sleep masks is that they improve your sleep quality significantly. These eye masks are better at blocking light and applying pressure around your eye area than the conventional cloth-made eye masks that just partially block out light.

By helping you sleep better, these eye masks can stop you from getting a migraine attack triggered by low sleep. Once you have enough sleep, your body and mind will feel more relaxed, lowering the chances of experiencing a sudden migraine attack.

Blocks 100% Light

Weighted eye masks are made from a specific material that blocks out 100% of the light. Besides improving sleep quality by boosting the production of melatonin, these weighted eye masks block bright light that might trigger a migraine attack.

Even if your room is flooded with sudden sunlight or someone opens the fluorescent bulb in your room, your sleep won’t be disturbed. Additionally, the sudden, sharp light from the sun or bright bulbs would be blocked completely, preventing extensive sensory stimulation that can result in a migraine attack.

A person sleeping with a weighted eye mask for migraine relief

Provides Quick Pressure Therapy

According to research, applying pressure on certain points throughout the body can provide migraine relief. People with migraines often try to press points on their hands and feet and even stimulate their skull and the area around their head.

A weighted eye mask adds much-needed pressure to your forehead and eye area, which can lower the intensity of a migraine attack. Additionally, some weighted eye masks come with hot compresses, which can soothe migraine pain to an extent. Pressure therapy through an eye mask can also release tension, helping your mind and body relax from a sudden migraine attack.

Two elderly people cuddling in bed while wearing weighted eye masks

Reduces Stress

Several studies have shown that sleep is closely interlinked with stress. People who get enough sleep have lower levels of stress which reduces the risk of getting sudden migraine attacks. A weighted eye mask blocks light and provides much-needed pressure to increase the quantity and quality of your daily sleep.

Additionally, a weighted eye mask can regulate hormone levels, like serotonin, by boosting your mood and regular sleep. With less stress and a good mood, your brain will supply regular serotonin levels, decreasing the risk of frequent migraine attacks.

Helps Your Nervous System Relax

Your migraine attacks are closely associated with the activity in your nervous system. It can lead to a migraine attack whenever your brain has to function more than normal. This can be due to sudden sensory stimulation or during extreme physical activity.

So it’s advisable to use a weighted eye mask as it can help you relax by blocking visionary sensory stimulation. Additionally, the comfortable pressure near your skull and eye area can also alleviate tension, allowing your nervous system to relax and preventing migraine headaches.

A weighted eye mask placed next to a diary on a bed

Other Health Conditions That Can Be Relieved Through Weighted Eye Masks

Besides improving sleep, reducing tension, relaxing the nervous system, and blocking bright lights, which offer relief from migraine headaches, weighted eye masks are also beneficial for some other health conditions. Here are some health problems you can manage using weighted eye masks regularly.

  • Sleep disorders like primary insomnia
  • Mental health problems like depression, stress, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and progressive supranuclear palsy

However, people with nasal issues or breathing problems need a doctor’s recommendation before using a weighted eye mask.

A person putting on a weighted eye mask for migraine relief on their forehead

Looking for the Right Weighted Eye Mask for Migraine Relief? Try MyBlueProtector

With the multiple benefits of weighted eye masks, they can offer immediate relief from migraine. At MyBlueProtector, we have bamboo-weighted sleep eye masks that can help you get migraine relief. These weighted eye masks are hypoallergenic and breathable, allowing you to have migraine relief alongside better quality sleep. Their medically rated blue light blockers in the eye masks stop 100% of the light.

Additionally, these weighted eye masks are made from bamboo and satin, which are comfortable and lightweight on the eyes, offering migraine relief. They also have hot and cold compresses that you can attach for additional pressure, which can result in migraine relief. Additionally, they offer blue light filters for computer screens, the Nintendo Switch, laptops, and smartphones. They also sell anti-blue light glasses for men, women, and children that can help with migraine relief by blocking bright lights.

All their products, like their anti-blue light screen protectors and weighted eyeglasses for migraine relief, have been developed by Optometrists and have been registered with the FDA and MHRA. Get in touch with them and get immediate migraine relief with the help of their high-quality weighted eye masks and other blue-light-blocking products.

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