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Healthy Habits to Incorporate into Your Digital Lifestyle

With new technology popping up now and then, coupled with the ways of the post-COVID era, our lifestyle has become increasingly digital. Exposure to blue light is common when you’re at work, binge-watching on Netflix, or playing Nintendo games with friends. Blue light is very harmful to the eyes and can cause macular degeneration. What’s worse is that the harmful effects are not just restricted to physical damage. It can also put our mental well-being at risk. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to adopt some healthy habits for our digital lifestyle.

At, we are committed to protecting your eyes from digital damage. We provide anti-blue light protectors for various devices, including iPhonesiMacs, Nintendo Switches, Samsung devices, and laptops. We want you to have healthy eyes. Hence, we have designed technologically smart anti-blue light glasses and Oculamp to reduce additional strain. Here are some healthy habits for eyes to incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

Why Maintaining Digital Health Is Important?

Many people think that just eating healthy or exercising regularly can improve your health. However, if you’re not taking care of your digital lifestyle, your health will deteriorate no matter what you eat or how much you exercise. But what are the factors that can harm us? Let’s have a look.

● Computer Vision Syndrome Can Develop

Computer vision syndrome can be caused by prolonged use of digital devices. It can result in weak eyesight, blurriness, headaches, and eye itching. If not treated, CVS can worsen and recur in the future.

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● Sleepless Nights

Continuous use of digital devices will prolong exposure to blue light. As a result, it can interfere with our circadian rhythm. Unlimited scrolling and screen time will mess with our sleep schedule resulting in fatigue, headaches, and rapid mood swings. 

● Your Mental Health Can Suffer

Do you have frequent anxiety attacks? Check your social media usage. Spending increased time on the internet can seriously impact your self-esteem. Recent studies have confirmed that excessive use of digital devices can cause psychological arousal. Thus, it can lead to boredom, depression, loneliness, and other mental disorders.  

● Reduced Creativity

Frequent notifications and increased online presence can cause sensory overload. It can distract you from productive tasks. Moreover, it can also reduce the quality of work by creating mental blocks.

● Attention Span Issues

Have you ever wondered why you’re not able to pay attention to work? The constant urge to check your phone for notifications is unprecedented. “Has anyone texted me?” “How many likes did I get?” All these questions occupy our minds most of the time. Digital presence requires brain energy. As a result, it distracts us from impending tasks and urgent deadlines.

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Keep A Record Of Your Screen Time

Do you know that an average person spends approximately 7.06 hours of screen time each day? Imagine the amount of strain it puts on your eye muscles! We often spend hours in front of a screen without considering the repercussions. It’s a very unhealthy habit for our eyes.

Make sure to keep a track of your screen time. Many apps monitor your screen time and give you regular updates on when to stop. They can also block certain sites from sending you notifications after a certain period. This way, you can be more mindful of reducing your screen exposure and managing your time.

20-20-20 Rule For Your Eyes

If your work involves staring at a screen for long periods, consider following the 20-20-20 rule. This involves allowing your eyes to take short breaks in between. After every 20 minutes, let your eyes stare at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. You can also take a walk or simply gaze outside the window for a change of scenery.

Minimize Glare

Digital devices emit blue light, which is harmful to the eyes and poses a threat to our overall well-being. This light lets our brain stay awake. Thus, instead of taking a rest, we end up scrolling our feeds for long periods. It messes up our sleep routine, negatively impacting our physical and psychological health. It’s one of the reasons why insomnia is more prevalent in adolescents.

Let’s look at some ways to minimize glare and protect eye health.

 Anti-blue light glasses for men

● Use Anti-Blue Light Filter For Your Digital Devices

Spending a lot of time using your phone or answering emails on the laptop? Use an anti-blue light filter for all your digital devices. Instead of using an ordinary screen protector, opt for a blue light filter instead. It will protect your eyes from harmful light while reducing eye strain and headaches simultaneously. provides multi-layered anti-blue light protectors for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung phones. They are temperature adjusted and display high-quality colors. As a result, your eyes are protected from strain and soreness. You can also sleep better without worrying about headaches or irritation.

● Choose Chic Anti-Blue Light Glasses To Protect Your Eyes

Unable to put your phone down after watching an episode of your favorite series? Try using anti-blue light glasses. Next time you’re binge-watching a show, busy at work, or writing a paper for school, wear anti-blue light glasses. They will help you work hours on your digital device without blurry vision, sensitivity, fatigue, or other eye problems.

At, you can find chic anti-blue light glasses for men, women, and kids. Our glasses are scratch resistant and come in various shapes and styles to complement your persona. They filter out harmful UV rays and blue light, giving you fresh, healthy-feeling eyes.

Eye drops for healthy eyes

Remember To Blink

Blinking at least 15 times per minute is crucial for the health of your eyes. Our eyes need to blink frequently to retain moisture. It also enables the eyes to oxygenate and remove dirt. Counting, the number of times you blink is very impractical. However, consciously blinking frequently is a healthy habit for the eyes. You can also try popping a post-it on your work desk as a cue to blink more.

Adjust The Position Of Your Device

Keep the screen at least arm’s length away from your face. Don’t get too close to your phone or computer screen. It will prevent you from blinking frequently. Moreover, it will also expose your eyes to blue light at a greater intensity. Try tilting your laptop screen slightly downwards to prevent added strain.

Change The Display Settings Of Your Device

We often see our parent’s phones adjusted to maximum brightness. Don’t make this mistake! Too much light can put a strain on our eyes. This is your cue to pick your phone up and check its brightness level. Keep changing it depending on the surrounding light.

Make sure to change the text size and color as well. Anything which makes it easier for your eyes. Try increasing the font size and setting the color to black. It will not only help you read lengthy documents but also put less strain on the eyes. Turning on the eye protection mode on your phone and laptop is also recommended.

Drink More Water

Most eye problems arise because of hydration issues. Whether you have flaky eyes, redness, or itchiness. Chances are that you may not be drinking enough water. Dehydration can result in headaches and blurry vision. Most optometrists recommend eye drops and supplements for dry eyes. Your eyes will thank you if you make it a habit to drink more water.

A person getting their eye tested

Get Your Eyes Checked

Anyone above the age of 16 should get an eye test at least once in two years. People keep suffering headaches, unaware of the cause. In most situations, the culprit is weak eyesight. To top it off, our daily routine has become increasingly digitalized. As a result, our eyes are paying the price.

Get a regular eye checkup to ensure that your eyes are healthy. Sometimes, eye problems indicate serious underlying diseases such as Glaucoma and Diabetes.

Make New Rules

Develop healthy habits for your eyes. Prioritize yourself before others! Make sure to put your phone in airplane mode at nighttime. No need to answer emails after bedtime. Do you scroll through social media feeds before even brushing your teeth in the morning? These unhealthy habits need to change. Have your coffee in the morning, take a stroll in the park, and catch up with friends in person. Sometimes, all you need is a big warm hug instead of a comment on your Facebook post.

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Take Supplements For Healthy Eyes

Eye supplements are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Zinc Oxide to prevent dry eyes. Moreover, they contain Zeaxanthin and Lutein to suppress macular degeneration. These supplements also improve vision so you can carry out your tasks smoothly. Always choose eye supplements that are vegan and do not contain added preservatives or artificial colours.

Have A Good Night’s Sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is the best healthy habit for your eyes. Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep per day. Most of us become so lost in using digital devices that we forgo the benefits of a proper night’s sleep. Good quality sleep can help improve mood and contribute to our overall well-being. It also enables us to be more attentive and fresh for the next day. As a result, we can perform all our tasks efficiently and productively. Let’s look at some ways to transform your sleeping experience.

● Use An Oculamp To Sleep Better

Blue light comes not only from our digital devices but also from light sources in our workplaces and homes. The Sun also emits harmful UV rays, which can affect our eye health. Here comes the concept of an Oculamp. It blocks blue light, helping our circadian clock to send signals to our body when it’s time to sleep. It also gives migraine relief by preventing eye strain and improving sleep.

● Weighted Sleeping Mask For Eye Therapy

A weighted sleep mask blocks away all the light so that you can enjoy a comfortable, trouble-free sleep. Choose a sleeping mask that is washable and includes a compress. This way, you can have eye therapy at home. Heat the compress and put it around your eyes. It will give you a relaxing feeling while opening pores to lubricate your eyes. You can also use a cool compress to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Anti-blue light filter for laptop

Use’s Products For Healthy Eyes

Our eyes are both literally and metaphorically a gateway to our soul. Healthy eyes translate to a high-quality lifestyle. That is why you should incorporate healthy habits in your lifestyle for better eyes. In today’s technologically advanced era, the entire world has switched to digital means. Whether you’re at home, studying at school, or at work, keeping away from digital devices has become increasingly difficult. This has put a lot of strain on our eyes.

We care for your eyes, that is why our products are developed by optometrists. They are of premium quality and enable you to stray clear of eye problems. We offer a 100-day guarantee and free shipping on all orders exceeding £44.99 or $62.99. Order our anti-blue light screen protector for iPhones, iPads, and laptops. We also offer anti-blue light glasses for men, women, and kids. Find out what experts have to say about our FDA-approved medically rated products. Contact us now to have healthy and refreshed eyes.

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