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How to Keep Your Blue Light Glasses Clean for Better Vision

The eyes are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of the human body. It’s one of the reasons why it’s highly recommended for people with increased screen time and weak eyesight to invest in anti-blue light screen protectors and blue light glasses that can prevent the effects of bright screen lights on the eyes.

The introduction of blue light glasses and blue screen protectors has significantly transformed the way people protect their eyes and improve their overall vision while working online, gaming, streaming, reading, or scrolling through their social media. This has also increased the need for effective glasses cleaning tips that’ll ultimately improve the longevity and effectiveness of your blue light glasses

If you’re looking for effective cleaning tips to keep your blue light glasses safe at all times, here’s everything you should know about them.

What are Blue Light Glasses and Why are They Important?

Before we move on to learning some of the best glasses cleaning tips to ensure their durability and usability for a long time, it’s important to learn what these glasses do, how they work, and why people should wear them. This is a significant step towards determining the best methods to guarantee the optimal care and maintenance of blue light glasses.

Blue Light Glasses

The best way to describe blue light glasses is the kind of spectacles primarily designed with a glass type that actively resists or blocks the blue light from affecting a person’s eyes. Many people also refer to them as light-blocking glasses due to their ability to keep the harsh blue light away from the eyes at all times.

Manufacturers and companies offering blue light glasses use reliable and efficacious lenses that significantly decrease the amount of screen light that reaches the human eye. These glasses work by filtering out the blue rays emitted by laptops, phones, tablets, and other screens. The ultimate goal of using these glasses is to prevent the harshness of lights impacting eyesight and reduce the likelihood of eye damage these lights could cause.

The Top Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Now that we know what blue light glasses are and how they work, it’s just as important to understand their benefits before we discuss some tips for cleaning them. Here are some key reasons you should consider wearing blue light glasses.

Reduced Eye Strains

If you work on a laptop, iPad, computer, or smartphone for long hours throughout the day, there’s a high chance you may experience various problems, including chronic back pain, neck ache, and more. This also means you might experience eye strain resulting from all the hours of staring at a bright screen. The good news is that blue light glasses can help you combat this risk by blocking the light emitted by the screens.

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This can play a crucial role in preventing eye fatigue and its consequences, like long-term headaches, blurry vision, and more.

The Prevention of Macular Degeneration Over Time

While there’s still little evidence to prove how true this is, many researchers and healthcare practitioners suggest that the blue light from screens can often be completely absorbed by the eye’s retina. This means it can lead to macular degeneration as you get older. With blue light glasses to protect your eyes, there’s always a better chance of your preventing such damage that can affect your vision in the future.

An Improved Sleep Cycle

There are several reasons why a person may experience insomnia. One of them is excessive exposure to blue light, especially during or right before bedtime. It’s because screen lights often influence a person’s circadian rhythm and disrupt the consistent melatonin production in their body.

It’s one of the top reasons why many eye doctors advise patients to avoid using all devices with screens two hours before going to bed. However, in case that’s not possible, it’s always a better idea to wear blue light glasses to mitigate the consequences of blue light exposure at night.

The Key Methods for Cleaning Blue Light Glasses

Now that we know how important blue light glasses are in this day and age, how they work, and how they can benefit you, it’ll now be easier to understand all the glass cleaning tips we’ll discuss next. While high-quality blue light glasses don’t need much care and maintenance, it’s always better to know what your options are.

Thanks to various effective DIY methods, it’s become significantly easier to keep such glasses clean to maintain improved vision at all times. Check out the best glasses cleaning tips that you should try.

Dish Soap and Water

This is one of the easiest and the most cost-effective glasses cleaning tips for anyone with a fast-paced lifestyle. All you need is some dish soap along with lukewarm water to clean your blue light glasses within a few minutes. Start by washing your hands thoroughly with soap to prevent the transfer of dirt or bacteria on the glasses.

Once your hands are clean, run some warm water over the blue light glasses so that all the visible dirt can be washed away before you clean them gently with some dish soap.

Instead of pouring a lot of dish soap all over the blue light glasses, try to spray a few drops on each lens and thoroughly clean the glasses with your fingers. Remember to go over the nose pads because that’s where most of the dirt accumulates.

Get an Eyeglass Cleaner

If using dish soap doesn’t seem like the right glasses cleaning tip for you, you can always resort to other, less time-consuming methods that you can try even when you’re on the go. For this method, you need a small microfiber cloth along with an eyeglass cleaning spray that you can get from your eyeglass shop or manufacturer.

These cleaning solutions are usually affordable and can be found at the nearest grocery stores, pharmacies, or online shops offering anti-blue light glasses for men and women. All you have to do is spray the cleaning solution on each lens of the blue light glasses and use the cloth to thoroughly clean them.

However, it’s crucial to be careful about blue light glasses with anti-glare coating when using such cleaners. The wrong choice of cleaner could result in damaged lenses that won’t contribute towards improved eye vision.

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Try the Steam Method

Another highly effective and safe glasses cleaning tip everyone should try is the steaming method. Start by running some hot tap water until you notice the steam emerging. Position your blue light glasses close to the steam. Make sure the steam covers the lens by checking if it’s fogged up. Avoid putting your blue light glasses under hot water to reduce the risk of breakage.

Use a soft cloth to wipe all the steam off the glasses and see how you achieve instantly cleaned blue light glasses.

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Keeping Blue Light Glasses Safe: Tips to Keep in Mind

While all the glasses cleaning tips discussed above can help you ensure exceptional vision at all times, there are several other guidelines and rules to keep in mind if you want your blue light glasses to work optimally and give your eyes the protection they need. Here are some things to remember when trying to keep your blue light glasses safe.

Avoid Using a Cotton T-Shirt to Clean Them

It’s always better to clean your blue light glasses with a microfiber cloth instead of using a shirt or any other fabric around you. It’s because most fabrics we use and wear don’t have the quality and efficacy of scrubbing through a pair of blue light glasses.

Refrain from the Use of Harsh Chemicals as Cleaning Agents

Harsh chemicals are a bad choice for cleaning blue light glasses. Avoid using ammonia, bleach, lemon, and similar materials to clean your glasses because they will affect the blue light-blocking tint or coating, ultimately impacting their overall usability.

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Think About Proper Storage for Your Blue Light Glasses

For more glasses cleaning tips, make sure you contact us at Whether you need anti-blue light screen protectors for your iPad, laptop, or computer, or are looking for blue light glasses for women and men that actually work, let us help you out! Check out our products here or get in touch with us for more information today!

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