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Oculamp: A Low-Blue Light Lamp for Reading Before Bed

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, it’s no surprise that even the simple act of reading is being revolutionized. With new products being designed to enhance the reading experience, we can delve deeper into the pages of our favorite books and enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable reading experience. From high-tech reading lamps to advanced e-reader devices, the new technology making waves is truly changing the game. offers anti-blue light glasses, blue light filters for computer screens, etc. Now for our nighttime readers, we have the Oculamp, a low-blue light reading lamp perfect for reading before bed.

What Is an Oculamp?

The Oculamp is an Ocushield reading lamp with low-blue light that is sleek, rechargeable, and portable. This is an Ocushield product designed by accredited optometrists in the UK and is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Under the Department of Health and Social Care directive, the executive body has ensured that the device is safe to use. In other words, the benefits of the reading lamp aren’t our claims but are also backed by science. It also comes under the Ocushield products approved by the FDA. It’s an excellent buy for those who love reading.

the Oculamp – a low blue light reading lamp

The Benefits of Oculamp For Readers

1. It Improves Sleep

The Oculamp is a reading lamp that improves sleep by reducing the amount of blue light emitted. Blue light strongly impacts the circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock regulating sleep and wakefulness. Research has proven that blue light exposure can interfere with the release of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep and thus disrupts sleep patterns.

By reducing the amount of blue light emitted, low-blue light lamps help to maintain a natural sleep-wake cycle, resulting in improved sleep quality.

2. It Reduces Eye Strain

People, on average, spend 6 hours and 57 minutes looking at a screen daily. Spending long hours in front of a computer, phone, or other digital devices can cause eye strain. Coupled with a nighttime reading habit can put further strain on the eyes, which will have various consequences, such as:

  • Fatigue and discomfort in the eyes
  • Headaches, especially near the temples and forehead
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry and uncomfortable eyes
  • Insomnia from chronic eye strain
  • Impaired visual acuity
  • Difficulty focusing and paying attention

If you’re an avid reader and love reading at night, this reading lamp can reduce eye strain and allow you to read for hours. You can gain further improvement for an eye strain problem with our blue light filters for devices or our anti-blue light glasses.

the Oculamp – a low blue light reading lamp in the shade of white and silver

3. It Offers Headache & Migraine Relief

Blue light has been linked to headaches and migraines in some individuals, and reducing exposure to blue light can help alleviate these symptoms. Headaches and migraines can be prevalent in avid readers as they can be caused by prolonged reading time. Continuous focusing on small text for long periods can cause eye fatigue, which can also lead to headaches and migraines. Moreover, poor lighting can cause glare and strain on the eyes.

The Oculamp is a reading lamp with low-blue light that emits a warmer, yellow-toned light that can help reduce the amount of blue light exposure and the likelihood of headaches and migraines. Low-blue light lamps can help improve overall well-being and reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines by providing a more natural and calming lighting environment.

4. It Has the Latest Technology

Oculamp is an Ocushield product made by the best eye specialists and the latest technology. The low-blue light reading lamp has three color settings with a high-end touch screen. It comes with a 2000 mAh lithium battery that promises a fast charging time and a long battery life.

You can have 20 hours of uninterrupted reading time with this lamp. Lithium batteries also operate in a wide temperature range. So regardless of the weather, your reading lamp will last long. The design is also flexible and adjustable for people to get the reading angle they want. Lastly, it can be charged with a MicroUSB.

5. It Improves Reading Experience

The reading lamp has a low-blue light which improves the overall reading experience. The Blue light helps to illuminate the text, making it easier to read and reducing the need for additional lighting.

Not only does it illuminate the text, but it also improves its color representation and contrast. It provides a more natural and accurate representation of color and increases the contrast between the text and the background, making it easier to read and reducing eye strain. Technology with low-blue lights has also been shown to improve focus and attention, allowing for longer and more efficient reading sessions.

The Oculamp in its compact packaging

6. It’s Portable

If the reading lamp’s above benefits weren’t enough, it’s also portable. Now, take your books (and your lamp) everywhere you go. Its sleek design is compact and hardly takes up any space. You can also easily fit it in your bag, making it one of the most versatile technologies readers can own.

Protect Your Eyes With

The Oculamp is just one of the many Ocushield products offers. In addition, we are offering more products with medically rated blue light blockers, like anti-blue light glasses for adults and kids, blue light filters for various devices, etc.

We provide FDA-registered and MHRA-rated products, with our blue light filters being fit for iPad, iPhones, Samsung smartphones, computer screens, and Macbooks. We also offer eye supplements and weighted masks to help reduce the strain on your eyes. So take your pick from our amazing products to protect your eyes and improve them.

Say goodbye to the eye fatigue from staring at screens or small text all day by checking out our products. Contact us today for more information!   

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