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Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses



  • Complete protection for children’s eyes from blue light
  • Quick relief from common types of headaches, including migraine
  • High quality lightweight frames with safety features
  • Effective in boosting comfortable sleep
  • Scratch resistant, anti-glare lens surfaces
  • Improved fitting with insulated arms
  •  Design and materials approved by certified professionals


We have designed our blue light glasses for kids to block over 99% blue light and UV rays from reaching children’s eyes. Blue light emitted by electronic displays and UV rays in sunlight are harmful to the eyes, more so for children. blue light blocking glasses are sold with prescription lenses as well, offering uninterrupted protection to your child’s eyes without the need to carry extra pairs of glasses for the outdoors.




True colours

Premium lightweight frame

Premium blue light filter

Fresher feeling eyes

Sleep better

Instant headache relief

UV filter

Developed by Optometrists

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Blue light

How does it affect younger eyes?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that’s not only present in sunlight, but in the light that comes from your digital devices, including your MacBook. Although blue light helps to keep us alert, it also has a number of unwelcome side effects.

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that’s not only present in sunlight, but in the light that comes from your digital devices, including your MacBook. Although blue light helps to keep us alert, it also has a number of unwelcome side effects.

The impacts

Blue light glasses for children

You may be wondering, what exactly is Blue light? This high frequency light penetrates young retinas, giving their brain a cue that it's time to wake up and seize the day. Extended exposure to blue light can result in retinal cell death, headaches, dry eyes and fatigue. These are all common symptoms of blue light exposure in children

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that’s not only present in sunlight, but in the light that comes from your digital devices, including your MacBook. Although blue light helps to keep us alert, it also has a number of unwelcome side effects.

Blue light

How does it affect younger eyes?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that’s not only present in sunlight, but in the light that comes from your digital devices, including your MacBook. Although blue light helps to keep us alert, it also has a number of unwelcome side effects.

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that’s not only present in sunlight, but in the light that comes from your digital devices, including your MacBook. Although blue light helps to keep us alert, it also has a number of unwelcome side effects.

Expert Approved Blue Light Protection For All Eyes

Dhruvin Patel
Gemma Clare
Skin Expert
Dr Roban
Sleep Specialist
Dr Saliha Afridi
Dr Ragusa
Dr Roland
Sleep Doctor

World Wide Shipping

Protecting you from the harms of blue-light all across the globe.

World Wide Shipping

Protecting you from the harms of blue-light all across the globe.

World Wide Shipping

Protecting you from the harms of blue-light all across the globe.


What is the ideal age for the Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Our medically rated anti blue light glasses are designed for ages 5+

What are the dimensions of the glasses?

Our glasses are 137mm wide and each lens is 51mm wide. The unisex shape and style make them a perfect fit for all face shapes and sizes.

Why do children need greater protection from blue light?

Here at Ocushield we work closely with industry experts and the latest research papers. There is plenty of research that supports younger eyes being less developed and therefore at more risk of potential retinal cell damage from blue light exposure.

At Ocushield we believe that younger eyes should be afforded the same protection as adults, hence why we created a range of blue light glasses for children aged 5+.

I already have an anti blue light screen protector, do I still need the glasses?

Yes, glasses will provide protection across all devices that emit blue light, such as, TVs, phone screens, light bulbs and more.

Giving your eyes the protection it needs against blue light especially when coming into contact with other forms of artificial light e.g. when driving or viewing screens without filters. Our in-house eye experts recommend glasses and an additional layer of protection especially for younger eyes.

Do blue light glasses for kids work?

Yes! our blue light glasses use special tempered glass to filter out harmful, high frequency blue light from younger eyes, which are twice as at risk from harmful blue light

What type of screens do your blue light glasses work most effectively with?

Whether your younger ones are using computer screens, a tablet, or their TV, our premium blue light blocking glasses act as medically rated eye protection, so you can rest assured that whichever type of screen your child is using, they are best protected with a pair of Ocushield specs.

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Dhruvin Patel

Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 22-11-45 Blue Light Screen Filters & Protectors


Dhruvin studied extensively the role blue light has in the eyes physiology and circadian rhythms whilst studying to become an optometrist. This allowed him to build the research backed Ocushield products we have today. Alongside this he spent many years working in clinical practice, from hospital practice to community settings where he further developed his clinical skills.

Comment on blue light:

Having learned about the dangers of blue light very early on in 2013 meant, I have been following blue light research closely over the years. The research/knowledge base has increased dramatically compared to what was available in previous years. Now we have epidemiological studies, clinical trials and peer reviewed papers all on how blue light affects our health.

It is now conclusive that blue light emitted from sources such as screens and ambient lighting, can affect three main aspects of our health. Firstly our eyes, by causing eye strain and headaches in the short term but also contributing towards Macular Degeneration in the long-term. Secondly, our sleep by suppressing the hormone melatonin which makes it possible for our bodies to fall asleep. Without the secretion of this hormone, we stay awake essentially. Finally, skin which has come from newer findings. We now know 30 hours of exposure to blue light from smartphone or laptop screens can increase the inflammation level in skin cells by 40%. This means more fine lines and early ageing.

In a digital age, we can’t get away from technology. But, we can be mindful of how we and our families use technology and adjust our environments so our bodies are being protected from overexposure to harmful blue light.

Gemma Clare



Gemma Clare is a visionary pioneer in her field with a specialised 360° approach to deliver personalised treatments. Integrating traditional holistic methods with evidence-based science, she merges eastern and western techniques, ‘clean’ medical skincare and cutting edge aesthetic technology to achieve naturally clear, radiant and youthful skin from the inside out.

Comment on blue light:

Blue light is a type of visible light with a shorter wavelength, making it emit higher energy. Blue light is not only given off by the sun but also by computer screens, smartphones, flat-screen televisions, and anything that has fluorescent and/or LED backlighting (which includes regular light bulbs btw!).

It is important to understand the effects of blue light because it is not only damaging to the eyes short term, but also long term. Short term blue light effects can make the eyes fatigued and dry. This can contribute to the symptoms of throbbing pain around the eyes - some even suffer from itchy/”burning” eyes. The long term blue light effects can decrease the pigment in the centre part of the vision known as the macula. This can increase the risk of development of macular degeneration - and even blindness.

The sun can actually radiate more blue light than screens. However, with the increasing amount of time in front of/staring directly at screens, we’re starting to see it affect a lot more eyes than the sun. Using blue light filter glasses or screen protectors can help to decrease the amount of blue light that enters the cornea, lens or retina.

Ocushield has a lot to offer for their customers from screen protectors - from electronic devices to blue light blocking glasses. The variety of their products has allowed me to protect many of my own devices to help protect my eyes. This is why I feel so comfortable suggesting these products to my patients. Plus, with their beautiful range - I know they won’t have a hard time finding a product they like, to help protect their eyes!

Dr Roban



Dr. Whitney Roban is a Family, Educational, and Corporate Sleep Specialist, as well as the founder of Solve Our Sleep. Her mission is to provide the sleep education and support families, students, teachers, and employees need to not only survive, but to thrive. Dr. Roban’s training and experience as a Clinical Psychologist paved the way to her success as a leading sleep expert.

Dr. Roban is the author of the award winning Devin & Evan children’s book series, and the first-ever School Healthy Sleep Curriculum. She is also a sought-after presenter to school districts and corporations around the country. Dr. Roban serves on the advisory board of the American Sleep Association, and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, CNN, The TODAY Show, NBC, Business Insider, Forbes, Rolling Stone, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Working Mother.

Comment on blue light:

Sleep has an impact on every single area of our lives, and is the most important behaviour we engage in on a daily basis. Technology usage is another behaviour we take part in on a daily basis, yet it can have deleterious effects upon our sleep. The blue light emitted from electronics tricks our brains into thinking it's daytime. This causes our bodies to decrease the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, which is the hormone we need to feel sleepy. Ideally, you should turn off all electronics at least one hour before bed, and you should also charge your electronics outside of your bedroom. If you must use electronics before bed for work or school, I always recommend using blue lock blocking products such as those created by Dhruvin Patel of Ocushield. Once you have powered down your electronics, engage in a relaxing bedtime routine in a cool, dark, and quiet bedroom. Having a sleep promoting bedroom environment, a consistent and relaxing sleep routine, and an appropriate and consistent sleep schedule, will keep your circadian rhythm (your sleep/wake cycle) steady, which leads to better sleep. The benefits of healthy sleep are truly endless.

Dr Saliha Afridi



Dr Saliha Afridi Emirates is a USA/UAE Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Managing Director of The LightHouse Arabia. LightHouse Arabia provides psychological and psychiatric care to children, adults and families. Dr Saliha Grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and moved to Dubai in 2008 with a mission to have a positive impact on the mental health of the individuals in this region.

Comment on blue light:

I believe one of the “must have” products of the digital age is a blue light screen protector. Blue light is causing havoc to our sleep cycles, as it suppresses the release of an essential hormone called melatonin. The disturbance of sleep and the lack of quality sleep are not only linked to a host of mental health problems such as heightened anxiety and lower mood - but also decreased levels of motivation, productivity and concentration. As well as poor judgement and problem-solving. To me, it’s a no-brainer. You should add this screen protector to every device in your household, especially as technology becomes more and more interwoven in our lives and the lives of our children. What I really appreciate about the Ocushield blue light screen protector is that it does not change the appearance of my screen at all (unlike my phone’s “Night Mode” or other protectors). I have more energy/focus in my day and my eyes are noticeably less fatigued after hours of sitting in front of my laptop/mobile phone. I highly, highly recommend this product for professionals, parents, and their children.

Dr Ragusa



Dr. Nikola Ragusa is a glaucoma and laser cataract surgeon. He has a special interest in preventative medicine and improving visual health. He works in the New York City metro area and sees patients in The Bronx. He has given lectures nationally and internationally on various eye care issues - as well as innovations in eye care.

Comment on blue light:

We have seen a shift over the past year to working from home and increasing popularity of Zoom meetings/teleconference solutions. The need for protection and alleviation of digital eye related illnesses is becoming a must for a lot of patients.

Ocushield offers a way to increase comfort in a stylish and effective way. By offering blue light blocking technology - the user can work on their computer, tablet, and smartphone with less vision or ocular fatigue. For the Zoomer generation, this is a must. I recommend Ocushield’s products to all of my patients who work in front of screens regularly.

The best way to prevent eye strain from digital devices is through preventing their negative effects. Ocushield delivers on this, by helping their clients stay healthy and avoid digital eye strain before it begins.

Dr Roland

prof_pic_540x (1)


Joshua Roland is a board-certified sleep medicine physician with extensive clinical and research experience in the field of sleep medicine. He is currently serving on the California Sleep Society board of directors.

He has multiple publications in scientific peer-reviewed literature, has contributed to sleep medicine textbooks, and has been cited by numerous sleep-related articles and media outlets.

Comment on blue light:

Sleep is a crucial aspect of our physical and mental wellbeing. Not getting enough rest has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, infection, inflammatory conditions, mood and mental health risks, car accidents, and issues with memory and cognition. Many people have trouble sleeping at night, often thought to be due to insomnia, when in actuality they have a circadian rhythm disorder known as delayed sleep-wake phase disorder, which can be due in large part to the negative impact of blue light.

Blue light, as emitted from our many devices and artificial lights, can be detrimental to our sleep through disruption of our circadian rhythm, or internal clock. Our internal sleep-wake schedule is in large part dictated by the naturally produced hormone melatonin. Our bodies are built so that in the evening when the sun goes down and it gets dark, melatonin is released from our pineal gland, keeping our circadian rhythm in sync and helping us to sleep at night and be awake and alert during the day. Studies have shown that blue light actually suppresses this naturally occurring melatonin release, diminishing one of the major driving forces propelling us to sleep. While in modern society it is hard to completely escape evening blue light, utilisation of blue light filters and low blue light products such as those offered by Ocushield can go a long way to reducing blue light’s deleterious effect on sleep.